Reward Points

What are reward points?

Pixa Prints allows you to signup for and receive reward points. The points accumulate and then can be converted to vouchers to use in our store.

How do I get them?

You will gain reward points by a number of methods. Points for each method:

  • Register for an account: 50 points
  • Per €1 you spend: 0.3 points
  • Review a product you ordered: 40 points
  • Refer a friend, if they register: points + if they order: 100 points

What can I do with points?

Pixa Prints will let you convert your reward points back into vouchers so you can spend them on any product in the store. Every point is worth €0.01.

When can points be used?

Points can be used at any time at the basket. When you have your items in your basket simply click the "Use points for payment" button and the system will allocate the points to the basket. All points will be used for payment (excluding delivery). If you don't have enough points to cover the full value of the basket you can pay the balance as normal.

Will my points expire?

We do not let your points expire, points will continue to build every time you earn them.

Check how many points you have

Please visit your points manager and you will be able to see a full breakdown of reward points you currently have. A full log file is visible so you can see where the points where added, how they were spent and so forth.